The Clearwater County Chamber is happy to announce the winners of our Store Front Holiday Lighting Contest! In first place, with an outstanding voter response, The Elk Snout Eatery & Mercantile in Pierce; in 2nd place, Dr. Gray DDS of Orofino; and 3rd place, the Orofino Flower Shop! Congratulations and thank you for participating! Every store front decorated deserves our thanks and appreciation for making the holidays brighter throughout the county. I hope everyone got out to enjoy the lights in our communities. The Orofino City Park will remain lit until the end of January or when it is possible to get through the snow and ice from our last storm. We enjoy hearing your thoughts and ideas for future festivals. Please feel free to drop us a comment any time.
The annual election of board and officers took place in December. Chamber President, Ashley Steinbruecker and Vice President, Tanna Zywina will lead our board for 2022 with members Brandee Consentino of Pierce, Christina Bartlett of Elk River, Malia Erlewine of Orofino, Michael Hunter of Orofino, and Terri Summerfield of Weippe.

We have begun plans for a Clearwater County Adventure Guide to include all members of the chamber. This is a valuable resource and advertising tool for our County and will be widely distributed. All those who wish to be included will need to have membership dues paid before February 1, 2022. If you are not yet a member, but would like to be, please contact Erica Holland via the chamber phone 208-476-4335 or by email to request an application.

Our website and Meta pages are being updated continually to include our members information and activities, as we receive them. Thank you to local merchant Stephanie Deyo of WebInk Designing for offering this service here in our area. Her valuable knowledge of our county and experience as a past director is much appreciated and an asset to this community. With her design skills, I believe the merchants featured in the new guide will be well represented. If you have an idea or photo that you would like to share for possible use in the new adventure guide, please send them to us.

And this spring the chamber will bring back our ever popular Auction & Banquet on April 29th! Mark your calendar to save the date. Our committee will be meeting shortly to get the details arranged and shared with everyone. This event is the fundraiser that supports the chamber for the current year. Without having this happen for the past two years, our means of sustaining our non-profit have been depleted and we need the support of our community to continue the good work started by our Clearwater County Chamber of Commerce. If you have a talent to share or heart for service, we would love to have you join our planning committee! Our strength is in our volunteers and the support we share with one another. Let’s work together to rebuild our social network and make Clearwater County the best it can be!”

Photos attached: Dominic & Brandee Consentino of the Elk Snout, Dr. Douglas Gray DDS and staff, Cathie Mosher and staff Orofino Flower Shop

Orofino Flower Shop
Dr. Grey's Office Orofino
Elk Snout 2021