The Clearwater County Chamber of Commerce welcomes Healing Harvest Homestead to membership

Healing Harvest Homestead and the School of Botanical Arts & Sciences is an online herbal and aromatherapy school with a YouTube channel and a blog, both with hundreds of articles and videos where people can learn how to work with medicinal herbs and essential oils to support their health and wellness through both free and paid content. Heidi Villegas MA/CA is the founder and CEO of the school, and is the main teacher. She is a clinical and community herbalist and aromatherapist who has been teaching herbalism informally and formally since 2012 in addition to maintaining a small in-person client base for consultations and custom formulations. She is passionate about helping her students become confident, skilled and effective herbalists so they can better support their own health and the health of their family. 
Heidi and her husband, Joe moved to Orofino in 2018. Prior to this, they had long-time careers in Las Vegas, Nevada. For the last five years of their working days in Nevada they decided to finally get out of the city. For these years, they lived off-grid in the Southern Nevada Spring Mountains where they raised goats, chickens, turkeys, and grew most of their own vegetables and medicinal herbs and commuted back and forth to the city. Now that they’re living here, they continue on with their homesteading as well as growing and foraging over 100 different medicinal plants, which they use to make plant medicine. Heidi was a public school teacher for over 30 years, and during a good portion of her career, she also began teaching herbalism to adults to help them better manage their health naturally, detoxify their bodies and environments, and learn this traditional skill. She’s taken thousands of hours of coursework from a variety of reputable schools in both herbalism and aromatherapy. If you have a question about safe, effective use of medicinal plants and essential oils PLUS how to source quality herbs and oils, she’s the person to ask. Joe handles all the technology for Healing Harvest Homestead, as well as customer service for the school.
If you have a small group who wants to get together for a weekend workshop, please reach out, as Heidi loves to work with students in person. Fun projects might include soap making, distilling, herbal salve-making, blending essential oils for scent or therapy, formulating and blending herbal teas, and so much more. For a tour of the Healing Harvest Homestead dispensary and apothecary, appointment for a one-on-one herbal consultation or to schedule a small group workshop, please reach out to her at Visit their website through the Chamber’s business directory listing at”
Photo: Joe and Heidi Villegas, Owners of Healing Harvest Homestead School of Botanical Arts & Sciences.