Dale Gilliam and Eden Bowie purchased Prospector’s Paradise in the fall of 2020. Offering a year round RV park with campgrounds including 18 full hookup sites and a cabin, the park also has an onsite shower house, laundry facilities and sauna. When I asked Eden to tell me a little about themselves, this is what she shared:

    “I am from a rural logging community very like Pierce, near White Salmon, Wa. Retired from my career as a Native Plant Specialist/ Noxious WeedTech for Hood River Forestry, I spent many years working the Mt Hood National Forest and Columbia Gorge Ranger Districts, and yes Wildland Firefighting.  Dale is from Kennewick Wa. and retired from Lamb-Weston in Richland, Wa, where he was the electrical supervisor. Our love of camping and ATV riding is what brought us to Pierce, with friends, and when we found the campground we knew it was a perfect fit for us!! They say-” Find what you love to do?- then do that for a living!!”- thus we became professional campers!! We live in one of the cabins here in the park.  We have spent our time since upgrading our full hookup sites, renovating and adding on to the park, and as we are open for guests year round, Dale spends a lot of time on that tractor blowing snow and plowing. We officially opened our new lower campsites 2 weeks ago – adding 5 new full hookup sites to our existing camp. Pierce and its residents have been fantastic, extremely supportive and we really feel blessed to have settled in such a great community.” says Eden.
Eden is also very involved in the community. She serves on The Pierce City Council, is this years President of The Pierce 1860 Days Committee, Secretary of The Pierce Mountain Community GEM Team, and Secretary of The 6C Ridgerunners ORV Club. This couple from the Pacific Northwest are such a great addition to our membership. Help welcome them to Clearwater County and pay them a visit at 202 Hortig Rd, Pierce America!