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How to Plan & Manage a Timber Harvest on Your Property
Thursday, April 28, 2022
On-Line Zoom Presentation
5:30—8:00 pm
It’s a rewarding experience to manage your own forest land. Active management of your forest can improve forest stand conditions, increase biodiversity and habitat for wildlife, and provide a substantial economic return. Whether you plan to hire a consultant to manage the sale, or conduct it yourself, this workshop will benefit those with little or no experience. This workshop will provide the basics for planning & managing a successful harvest & sale.
Cost: Free
Register at:
Email: clearwater@uidaho.edu
Phone: 208-476-4434
Registration due by:
Thursday, April 28, 2022 @ noon
Register Today at uidaho.edu/clearwater-events
*** Please note this event is hosted by the Clearwater County Office of the UofI (mpage@uidaho.edu), not the Clearwater County Chamber of Commerce. Please contact them directly at the number above for more info!

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