Dear Editor,
I am saddened to report that a vandal destroyed a Christmas decoration in the Orofino City Park. This item was donated by a valued member of our community who also volunteers time to help bring joy to the community for the Orofino Christmas Festival. It has been rumored that some think the Christmas lights are provided and paid for by the City of Orofino. This is simply not true. The Clearwater County Chamber of Commerce raises funds and recruits volunteers to assist in purchasing and setting up all the lights and decorations. We appreciate these partners and the many hours spent to make this happen each year. I hear from a lot of our public that appreciate the cheer these lights bring to the dark of our winter days. For these reasons the lights remain up from the first Friday in December until a time in February when they can be removed safely depending on weather conditions and available volunteers. The Chamber has unplugged the lights, usually at the end of January. However, sometimes there has been a mysterious occurrence of the lights being plugged back in. This we have suspected to be the mission of a resident who enjoys the lights being on and saw no reason for them to be unplugged. The Chamber operates as a nonprofit organization with a part-time director and a volunteer board of residents representing local businesses. Please be respectful of others, whether you agree or have a different opinion. Thank you for your time and attention to this message. If you would like to volunteer to assist the Chamber toward community efforts please contact me at 208-476-4335 or by email at
Sincerely, Erica Holland, Director
Clearwater County Chamber of Commerce