The Clearwater County Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all the volunteers who came out on Saturday April 29, 2023 to help make our community a little brighter. The Orofino City Park received a good turnout for the event and these folks stopped by to visit with the director: Ed Lozar, Eileen Rowan of Orofino 4H Adventurers, Lori & Ray Schoenwald, Orofino Rotary Club, Brenda Thomas of Wells Fargo Bank, Twin Ridge Volunteer Fire Department, Janet Durnham, and Vic Descamp. Special thanks to Dave Holland, Matt Sartini, Barbara-Lee Jordan and Ashley Steinbruecker for assistance with removing the last of the Christmas lights! President Malia Erlewine and Director Erica Holland visited with Jeff Jones during his KLER broadcast of the event, as well as Nancy Butler for photo news and information. Urban Forestry of Orofino and the City of Orofino held a raffle of ornamental trees and hosted a free barbeque for all in attendance. Even Smokey the Bear made an appearance and took photos with volunteers. Your kindness and contribution to this event is much appreciated. Anyone who is interested in helping with Community Clean-up next year is encouraged to contact the chamber at 208-476-4335 or email
Photos: Ashley Steinbruecker and Barbara-Lee Jordan, Ashley and Addy Steinbruecker with Matt and Davis Sartini, Dave Holland on the Debco genie
Community Cleanup 1
Community Cleanup 2
Community Cleanup 3