The Clearwater County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome Tractor Supply Co. to Orofino. The store opened on December 10 and held a Grand Opening January 7. This location employs 15 community members and the store manager, Billi O’Connor, says they are still looking to hire a few more. Billi says “the community has been amazing! I feel a lot of people like that we are here.” She also wants you to know “the chicks are in!”, come get them while they last. More will be available over the next two months.
Billi and her husband moved from Alaska to Oregon 5 years ago, so she could be with her mom and help her while she was ill. Billi went to work at Tractor Supply Co. in Oregon as a cashier. Now she is running her own store here in Orofino. She told me this location is where they want to be and can’t wait to explore the area more. Soon her husband will be retiring and able to have more time for adventuring on their 4 wheeler and kayaks.
The Tractor Supply Co. embraces the communities they are part of and the involvement and stories can be found on their website
Be sure to check it out. The website has the job postings available for application, as well as current sales and specials happening. Plants are coming in a couple weeks, with veggie starts and some flowers to kick off Spring!
Billi says the moves and relocation has brought big changes, but they feel very welcome and are excited to be here.